Car is your 2nd large investment after your home. You are proud of your car and you love driving it. When your car breaks, finding a repair shop, taking the car to a shop and waiting for it to be fixed can be a very lengthy, stressful and frustrating experience. This is a common problem faced by every car owner around the world. We feel your pain and we are doing something about it. This is a great effort and we want you to be part of this unique journey.

Telenyze Telenyze is an Initial Health Assessment software platform for car owners and repais shops who want to know what is going on with the car before visiting a shop. It gathers sensor data from cars using smartphone and OBD device to monitor, detect and predict faults and performance issues otherwise you would never know until the car breaks down. Alerts the driver, owner and repair shop when something is wrong or could go wrong. Early detection and prevention reduces surprise breakdowns, time to repair, waiting time at a shop, repair costs, extends life of the car and increases resale value.

Telenyze Our goal, make repairing a car as easy as driving. Help people fix their cars before it fails and connect to repair shops when needed. Help car owners save money on Gas, Repair Costs, reduce CO2, reduce Downtime and make trip to a repair shop a Happy Experience. Help repair shops increase efficiency, increase revenues, provide trusted services and reduce repair anxieties.

Any smart phone user can use this product. This product has been successfully tested on many different cars, by many car owners and repair shops. Are you a car owner or a fleet owner? Or maybe you are a DIY car geek or a repair shop manager or a dealer or a auto trader. Contact us to find out how Telenyze can benefit you.

To learn more please listen to the Silicon Valley Startup Radio Program on Wall Street Radio Network Station KDOW 1220 dated 11-27-16
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