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Driving is fun.

Over 1 billion people around the world and about 130 million people in USA drive to work or school everyday. Car is the 2nd large investment after home. People spend about $36K for a new car and about $20K for an used car. 17 million new cars and 45 million used cars are sold in USA every year.

Your and your families life depends on car. Car brings enjoyment, convenience, status and earning power. People are proud of their cars and they love driving it. Everyone loves a road trip.

Car breakdown is stressful.

The fun turns into distress when a car breaks. Fixing a car today is very stressful, time consuming and expensive. It takes days to fix a car. Indirect cost of time lost from work or school, the anxieties of not knowing what went wrong and how much it will cost and renting a car or finding a ride, all can add up to an unbelievably high number.

Many people decide between paying rent or food and fixing their car. In addition most people don't trust their auto service providers even though many of them provide honest service. Due to the complexity and not finding a trusted service provider many avoid fixing the car altogether until it stops working.

According to EPA, 51% of household emission comes from cars.  Poor maintenance can cause as much as 30% excess emission and 40% reduction in fuel efficiency.

According to roadside assistance surveys and statistics from AAA, Allstate and many others, 35% drivers avoid fixing their cars until it breaks down. 50% get stranded on the road and request for roadside assistance.

Call for Action.

A solution is needed to make auto services more affordable, trustworthy and accessible on demand to anyone from anyplace using their mobile devices.

After doing months of research we learnt that today's inefficient process of interactions between drivers and service providers, miscommunications during the time of distress, lack of transparency and various repetitive manual process are the cause of higher costs, delays and mistrust.

Cars produce valuable data.

Most cars around the world built after 1996 come with many sensors and computers. These computers self-check health of the car and produce valuable data every second.

Yet, once in a while only thing we see is "Check Engine Soon" light when it is in serious trouble. We have no idea what went wrong until we take the car to a shop. Miscommunications cause wrong work and mistrust between drivers and service providers.

Insights from data.

Since cars already produce own health check data.  This data can be analyzed and correlated with historical data and various symptoms collected from millions of similar cars to understand what could be wrong when an incident is detected or even predict what could go wrong in the future. Knowing what is wrong also helps us to find the fixes already performed and shared by others. This information can be shared with everyone involved via the mobile technology and internet to jointly decide what actions should be taken to fix a car pretty much within a few moments of a failure. Transparency is essential for increasing trust.

More than anything else knowing what needs to be fixed and fixing it in time can reduce the probability of getting stranded on the road.  Reducing costly unexpected expenses and valuable time. Peace of mind is priceless.

Telenyze, the pioneer in Digital Transformation of Auto Services.

Telenyze (Tele + Analyze meaning remote analysis) is building the technology for Digital Transformation of Auto Services with the goals of increasing transparency and reducing costs, complexities and time.

Telenyze is designed by people who have proven track records in building large scale complex advanced technology products for autonomous trains, telecom wireless networks and automotive industries. Products used by millions of users around the world. People who understand cars, mobile technologies, software, value of data, data security, customer needs and how these can be used to bring valuable and affordable services to customers. People who believe fixing a car should be as easy as driving one and auto care professionals deserve more respect for their services and a trustworthy way of communicating with their customers.

According to our research affordable services can be built by the automation of auto services touch points but transparency is needed to build trust. This can be achieved by applying digital transformation to auto services. Where all the data and touch points are automated and digitized producing results in real-time while reducing the chances of miscommunications, mistrust and human errors.

Telenyze Auto App and Digital Platform analyze the data gathered from cars using OBD II Bluetooth device to produce easy to understand health report and show possible fixes. The health report shows faults and performance issues detected, cause of the faults and possible fixes. Using the mobile app you can view the list of service providers nearby, their reviews and promotions. Call them or send them appointment or estimate requests via the app. You can also add additional descriptions and images to the request or send it later during the interactions with the shop via the built in messaging. You can use the App even when there is no fault but you need other services such as oil change or tire change or brake replacement or anything else.  

The request shows up as an alert on their Telenyze Digital Platform and their phone. A shop can remotely view the vehicle health details, your problem descriptions and the images on this Digital Platform Dashboard when you contact them. They can respond to your request and send messages from the Dashboard which shows up as notification on your phone. You can exchange messages or call to discuss further details and provide additional information.

The Future of Auto Services is here. Give your car a voice. Get Telenyze.

We take your data privacy very seriously. The system is designed to keep your data and identity private. Your identity is never shared with anyone. It is disclosed to a service provider only when you connect with them.

Digital Platform for Service Providers

An online platform for 24X7 customer communications and vehicle service management.

Customers are going digital. Are you with them?

We studied customer's journey and did surveys to understand how people decide which shop to go for their Auto Services need. It turns out most people pick a shop based on trust, cost and convenience or the time it will take to get the service completed, including the location and ease of appointment. Most of them try to read online feedback or ask friends and family to find a trusted shop.

Telenyze Digital Platform and Auto App are designed to help service providers reduce operations cost, provide better, faster and more cost efficient services with more transparency resulting in increased trust and profit.  Trust is built when people know more about the fault, understand the fixes and the costs behind it. They feel that the service provided meets their expectations (quality service) and budget. An educated customer is always a better customer. Transparency increases customer loyalty and your reputation.

Let the Telenyze systems automate the time consuming standard vehicle and customer info gathering, routine basic manual diagnostics, customer interactions and paper wok. You can focus on more serious work which produce more value. Serve more cars per mechanic. Attract more customers who already trust your reputation and understand what needs to be fixed, reducing miscommunications. Send digital coupons and promotions to very targeted customers when they need one. Significantly increasing the success rate of your promotions and reducing your customer acquisition costs. Build trust. Make a customer repeat customer. Let them talk about the great service they received from you on Social Media.

Most of your customers are going digital. Are you with them? Stay connected to your customers 24 x 7 from anywhere. Be there when they need you. Get visibility to your customers and your business operations. Let your customers focus on what matter to them most, their work, family, places and moments. Claim your presence in the Digital World. Partner with Telenyze, the pioneer in Digital Transformation of Auto Services. Signup for your Account now.

Share knowledge. Gain trust. Go Digital. Go Telenyze.

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