1. Download the Mobile App for Android device from Google Play

2. Register/Login

3. Install the Bluetooth OBD Device (you can buy one online from Amazon if you don’t have one. Visit the  products page for more info)

4. App shows health report

5. View fault details and fixes

6. View list of shops nearby and their promotions

7. Request or call for estimate/appointments

8. Request shows up on shop’s digital platform and notifications on their phone.

9. Shop clicks on the request to view health reports and responds.

10. Receive a notification on your phone to view the response. Send messages to interact further.

11. Visit the shop.

12. Provide feedback and share on social media.

Please visit the Telenyze Youtube channel to learn how to register a new account, connect to your vehicle OBD II port via your Bluetooth OBD Device and use the app.

Thanks for choosing Telenyze Auto App. We sincerely hope you will enjoy using the app and the benefits it brings to enhance your Auto Services experience.