Build the digital transformation of auto services now

Did you know:

1.Aftermarket auto industry in USA is almost 3 times bigger than new car ($450 million) industry?

2. Carl Icahn, Jeff Bezos/Amazon, Didi the rival of Uber and Ford are betting big on digital transformation of aftermarket auto industry?

3.Car is your 2nd large investment after home and 2nd large annual expense (17%) after housing (33%)?

4.51% of your house hold emission comes from cars and 50% of emission due to poor maintenance?

5.Vehicle downtime can cost you $400 and $700 per day?

What if Telenyze:

1.Can reduce your annual auto expense by 30%, downtime from a few days to a few hours and emission by 30%?

2.Increase service providers efficiencies and revenues by as much as 25%? 

3.Can bring this service to 200+ millions cars on the USA roads today and almost 1billions cars on the road worldwide?

Be part of this exciting innovation. Build the technology that can improve your life and people around you now. Join force with Telenyze.  

We are looking for:

1.Exceptional marketing and biz dev people who have expertise marketing products to aftermarket auto industries.

2.Investors who want to make money in a few Trillion $ aftermarket auto industry.

3.Mobile App, Web App developers, Data Scientists and UX designers