Digital Platform

Telenyze Auto Digital Platform is designed for Service Providers who want to connect with 60+% of their customers who enjoy on demand services via mobile Apps.

It is a Web based online platform to manage all customer communications and view vehicle alerts and reports online. Get customer leads, send digital coupons, share estimates, send service updates and reminders, schedule services and appointments all from one easy to use platform. View vehicle diagnostics reports and possible fixes shared by others as soon as a customer requests for an appointment without leaving your computer or phone. Access it from anywhere anytime using your mobile phone or computer.

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Digital Platform for Service Providers

An online platform for 24X7 customer communications and vehicle service management.

Customers are going digital. Are you with them?

We studied customer's journey and did surveys to understand how people decide which shop to go for their Auto Services need. It turns out most people pick a shop based on trust, cost and convenience or the time it will take to get the service completed, including the location and ease of appointment. Most of them try to read online feedback or ask friends and family to find a trusted shop.

Telenyze Digital Platform and Auto App are designed to help service providers reduce operations cost, provide better, faster and more cost efficient services with more transparency resulting in increased trust and profit.  Trust is built when people know more about the fault, understand the fixes and the costs behind it. They feel that the service provided meets their expectations (quality service) and budget. An educated customer is always a better customer. Transparency increases customer loyalty and your reputation.

Let the Telenyze systems automate the time consuming standard vehicle and customer info gathering, routine basic manual diagnostics, customer interactions and paper wok. You can focus on more serious work which produce more value. Serve more cars per mechanic. Attract more customers who already trust your reputation and understand what needs to be fixed, reducing miscommunications. Send digital coupons and promotions to very targeted customers when they need one. Significantly increasing the success rate of your promotions and reducing your customer acquisition costs. Build trust. Make a customer repeat customer. Let them talk about the great service they received from you on Social Media.

Most of your customers are going digital. Are you with them? Stay connected to your customers 24 x 7 from anywhere. Be there when they need you. Get visibility to your customers and your business operations. Let your customers focus on what matter to them most, their work, family, places and moments. Claim your presence in the Digital World. Partner with Telenyze, the pioneer in Digital Transformation of Auto Services. Signup for your Account now.