Call For Action

Call for Action.

A solution is needed to make auto services more affordable, trustworthy and accessible on demand to anyone from anyplace using their mobile devices.

After doing months of research we learnt that today's inefficient process of interactions between drivers and service providers, miscommunications during the time of distress, lack of transparency and various repetitive manual process are the cause of higher costs, delays and mistrust.

Cars produce valuable data.

Most cars around the world built after 1996 come with many sensors and computers. These computers self-check health of the car and produce valuable data every second.

Yet, once in a while only thing we see is "Check Engine Soon" light when it is in serious trouble. We have no idea what went wrong until we take the car to a shop. Miscommunications cause wrong work and mistrust between drivers and service providers.

Insights from data.

Since cars already produce own health check data.  This data can be analyzed and correlated with historical data and various symptoms collected from millions of similar cars to understand what could be wrong when an incident is detected or even predict what could go wrong in the future. Knowing what is wrong also helps us to find the fixes already performed and shared by others. This information can be shared with everyone involved via the mobile technology and internet to jointly decide what actions should be taken to fix a car pretty much within a few moments of a failure. Transparency is essential for increasing trust.

More than anything else knowing what needs to be fixed and fixing it in time can reduce the probability of getting stranded on the road.  Reducing costly unexpected expenses and valuable time. Peace of mind is priceless.