Digital Transformation

Telenyze, the pioneer in Digital Transformation of Auto Services.

Telenyze (Tele + Analyze meaning remote analysis) is building the technology for Digital Transformation of Auto Services with the goals of increasing transparency and reducing costs, complexities and time.

Telenyze is designed by people who have proven track records in building large scale complex advanced technology products for autonomous trains, telecom wireless networks and automotive industries. Products used by millions of users around the world. People who understand cars, mobile technologies, software, value of data, data security, customer needs and how these can be used to bring valuable and affordable services to customers. People who believe fixing a car should be as easy as driving one and auto care professionals deserve more respect for their services and a trustworthy way of communicating with their customers.

According to our research affordable services can be built by the automation of auto services touch points but transparency is needed to build trust. This can be achieved by applying digital transformation to auto services. Where all the data and touch points are automated and digitized producing results in real-time while reducing the chances of miscommunications, mistrust and human errors.

Telenyze Auto App and Digital Platform analyze the data gathered from cars using OBD II Bluetooth device to produce easy to understand health report and show possible fixes. The health report shows faults and performance issues detected, cause of the faults and possible fixes. Using the mobile app you can view the list of service providers nearby, their reviews and promotions. Call them or send them appointment or estimate requests via the app. You can also add additional descriptions and images to the request or send it later during the interactions with the shop via the built in messaging. You can use the App even when there is no fault but you need other services such as oil change or tire change or brake replacement or anything else.  

The request shows up as an alert on their Telenyze Digital Platform and their phone. A shop can remotely view the vehicle health details, your problem descriptions and the images on this Digital Platform Dashboard when you contact them. They can respond to your request and send messages from the Dashboard which shows up as notification on your phone. You can exchange messages or call to discuss further details and provide additional information.

The Future of Auto Services is here. Give your car a voice. Get Telenyze.

We take your data privacy very seriously. The system is designed to keep your data and identity private. Your identity is never shared with anyone. It is disclosed to a service provider only when you connect with them.