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Digital Transformation of Auto Services

The Silicon Valley team at Telenyze has successfully developed the digitalization technology to automate most of the touch points of drivers and service providers in an auto service process. Telenyze Auto Mobile App gathers data from vehicles through popular OBD devices and turns them into actionable insights. It instantaneously alerts the driver and service providers and connects them through the app. Both can view the faults and possible fixes to quickly decide what needs to be fixed. Reducing the time it takes to make the initial contact with a service provider, the initial diagnostics and the routine paper work needed to get the service started.

The mobile app also supports vehicle location check, VIN reading, emission readiness check, advanced diagnostics, SOS location notification, where I parked,  appointment management, service history, messaging, digital coupons, service feedback and social media posting. All of these functions which are done separately in various steps using multiple devices now can be done at one place by one app. Thus reducing time to fix and the cost for both drivers and service providers

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Telenyze Auto App for Drivers

Using this app what takes days, now you can do it in a few hours. The app can save you time as well as money. Save as much as 25% or more. Connect to your local shops. Get digital coupons when you need one. Download the app for Android phones and tablets from Google Play store now.

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Online Digital Platform for Service Providers

Telenyze Online Digital Platform helps you manage your interactions with customers and vehicles. Get vehicle alerts, locate the vehicle on a map, get customer leads, view vehicle data, manage appointments and message customers. No need to go to the vehicle to read VIN or run basic diagnostics or print out estimates. Everything shows up in your dashboard when a customer connects with you, even before the shop visit.

Free easy 2 minutes signup for Service Providers.

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Are you ready to save 15 minutes per customer

and fix more vehicles?

Reduce routine vehicle info gathering and customer interaction time. Let the Telenyze system automate the process for you. Get right to fixing the car when customer visits the shop. Reduce the time to fix. Serve more customers per day. Increase your revenues. Get better reviews and more loyal customers. Contact us to learn more.

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