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The Cause 

More than 1 billion people drive everyday. Most drive older cars needing expensive repairs and maintenance a few times a year. Many avoid repairs and maintenance until it stops working, making it even more expensive. In addition 52% of household emission comes from cars. Poorly maintained cars use more gas and produce more CO2 and also can be unsafe to drive.

Shops spend significant amount time doing routine work like answering calls, scheduling appointments, entering customer and vehicle information when they visit a shop, printing out estimates, invoices and so on. Most of these work can be automated using digital technologies. Which gives them more time to focus on what brings them money, fixing cars.


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The Solution

Auto Services Automation using Data, IOT and Digital Technologies can help Auto Service providers respond faster, serve more customers, reduce repair time, reduce costs and earn more. In turn they can provide drivers better services faster at an affordable price. In stead of waiting for days, now drivers can fix their cars in a few hours at less cost. This will encourage them to visit repair shops more often, keep their cars well maintained, drive safer cars, keep it longer and reduce CO2.



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