Driving Facts

Driving is fun.

Over 1 billion people around the world and about 130 million people in USA drive to work or school everyday. Car is the 2nd large investment after home. People spend about $36K for a new car and about $20K for an used car. 17 million new cars and 45 million used cars are sold in USA every year.

Your and your families life depends on car. Car brings enjoyment, convenience, status and earning power. People are proud of their cars and they love driving it. Everyone loves a road trip.

Car breakdown is stressful

The fun turns into distress when a car breaks. Fixing a car today is very stressful, time consuming and expensive. It takes days to fix a car. Indirect cost of time lost from work or school, the anxieties of not knowing what went wrong and how much it will cost and renting a car or finding a ride, all can add up to an unbelievably high number.

Many people decide between paying rent or food and fixing their car. In addition most people don't trust their auto service providers even though many of them provide honest service. Due to the complexity and not finding a trusted service provider many avoid fixing the car altogether until it stops working.

According to EPA, 51% of household emission comes from cars.  Poor maintenance can cause as much as 30% excess emission and 40% reduction in fuel efficiency.

According to roadside assistance surveys and statistics from AAA, Allstate and many others, 35% drivers avoid fixing their cars until it breaks down. 50% get stranded on the road and request for roadside assistance.